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Originally Posted by bordob View Post
Hi All,

We are going form AACC 6.4 AML to ACCS 7 SIP.

We have many custom reports, the reports however will not import because AACC saved them as RPT file format and ACCS requires an RDL format.

Is there any way to convert these or is it a case of recreated all the custom reports we have? (Over 100!)

Many Thanks for your help in advanced.
Did you find a solution to this? I'm facing the same situation. I need to move custom reports from an AACC 6.4 system to an AACC 7.x system. I have all the .RPT files, but report creation wizard won't take those. Is there a way to take the RPT file and turn them in the the files RCW is looking for?


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