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Unhappy ESR 3500 Series issues


We are running 4 ERS 3526T-PWR+ Network Switches throughout our company. We have a few PoE wireless access devices that are connected to these switches. On more than one occasion we have lost connectivity to these switches, but they appear to be still working.

Example: Switches are still on, and lights are still flashing, but we are unable to get to the management webpage via web browser to the switch IP address. When the devices goes into this "hung up" mode it is also strange as the ports still continue to flash activity even after a network cable is unplugged from a port. To see a video of what this looks like go to the following Video

Is there possibly a firmware update that fixes this? They are currently showing the following HW/SW settings
Ethernet Routing Switch 3526T-PWR+ HW:01 FW: SW:v5.0.0.008 BN:08 (c) Avaya Networks

Thank you
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