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Default the new support site is a complete failure

ok for starters, the interface and the searchability is in my opinion flawed, for example "would you like to go back to list of downloads?" or actually showing the release number (instead of 8.0xx) while searching for administrative updates for ip office


doesnt work correctly all the time

google chrome?

doesnt work correctly all the time

IE does work, but once again when clicking downloads and documents typing in ip office and then selecting downloads / the release, you still cannot see the full release number being offered!!!!!! Who did this?!?!?!?!?! ridiculous.

then after clicking to the download page there is no button to go back to the list of downloads for release 8.xx

the layout and overal feel of the site basically is not user friendly, is a much better example of what a support page should look like as crude and antiquated as it may be it just works

I really hope that you have not paid for this work and that changes can be made. it is downright horrible

I average two to sometimes even three ip office installations per week, and this is just not going to work when I need to put a customer on either a patched release or older release. the FULL RELEASE NUMBER NEEDS TO BE THERE
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