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Default Softphone and Agent Desktop

Hello Folks,

We've recently migrated from CS1K and AACC to IPO R11 with Contact Center Select.

We're aiming to employ some remote contact center agents who will take a high volume of forced skillset voice contacts delivered though the Avaya Agent Desktop (we've 20 power user licenses to cover this).

Initially I tried Equinox (after reading it couldn't be used as an 'agent' phone) and one-X Portal - both fail with the error when attemping to answer the call in the Avaya Agent Desktop 'Operation failed because CTI Control of Agent Phoneset is unavailable. Please use the Phoneset directly to perform this operation'

We've enagaged our support partners who advised to use Avaya Communicator however this seems to fail in exactly the same way.

We used to use 2050 IP on the CS1K and although a bit clunky it did what was required.

I could teleworker to a mobile or cellphone and set that to auto answer which would get around the issue but now without some cost.

Anyone faced a similar issue and gotten round it or have any advice?

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