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Default similar issue

So I was having a similar issue will a few of my ERS 4500 series switches. On some of them I noticed the stacking cables went bad. I found this out by logging into the base switch and typing:
"show stack health"

It should show you if the stacking cables can see another device. Try replacing them with known good ones.

Another issue I have found is the auto-save feature is basically garbage. Sometimes it would fail/be corrupt and upon a restart it wouldn't load properly. Since then I have disabled this feature and ensured I saved the configuration manually. Haven't see this specific problem since.

Also, check to see if your stack recognizes that there are the right amount of switches. Type:
#"show stack-monitor"
ensure to change this with:
(config)# stack-monitor stack-size [number of switches]

If you have a syslog server, look for a "bsnStackConfiguationError" trap. I got my server throwing alarms every time it sees this message and it happens more than I expected. It means a switch in the stack didn't boot up properly, normally because the stack master booted up a little slower than the rest.

I am not an Avaya professional, but I hope this can give you some direction to head towards.
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