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Default Secure Router 4134 VPN client authentication through RADIUS


I am attempting to configure a SR4134 with VPN moduale to allow VPN client connections to be authenticated via a RADIUS server. i can get it to work with just username but its failing when i use group authentication. I have conducted wireshark traces and can see the ike messages pass through phase 1 and the RADIUS server has accepted the request but it does not get past phase 1.5. The server send out the config message and the client responds and continues but it does not go to phase 2.

I am using Microsoft IAS as the radius server, I believe the issue is i am not sending the right information from the server to the client but haven't bee able to find anthing specifc that needs to be setup.

Thank you in advanced



ike policy vpntest
local-address *.*.*.*
remote-id group-name "TEST-VPN" password
proposal 1
exit proposal
client configuration
address-pool 2
client-domain-name domain.local
banner-text "No Unauthorised entry"
interval 60
exit keepalive
mode enabled
network 24
network 24
network 24
network 24
exit split-tunnel
nat-keepalive 60
exit configuration
exit policy
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