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Angry MM R5.2 MAS with MSS


I have loaded MM R5.2 on S3500 servers. They are HA servers MAS and MSS. The WebLM is loaded on MAS1 and is in normal mode. The solution has been configured to connect to the corporate domain and is successful. However the problem I am having is with completing the initial MSS administration using the DCT file on the MSS. I am recieving the following error : FAILURE: Failed to create Postmaster subscriber postmaster: (3504 - You cannot perform this operation without a valid License.)None of the special mailboxes or test mailboxes can be configured because of this error. I tried to add these mailboxes manually and recieve the same error 3504. What I do not understand is that I have no mailboxes for a trial period as we had with releases prior to R5.2 and only using the VMDID in the license file. Any suggestions to reslove will be greatly appreciated
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