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SMLT Clustering support will be in a later VSP7000 release (probably 10.3).
Not sure a L2 core is a good solution.

You should consider a new design leveraging Avaya's VENA architecture with SPB (Shortest Path Bridging) which is already fully supported on the ERS8800 (VSP7000 will pick up SPB support in 10.2 next year).

All nodes run IS-IS which is now used to give you a virtual switch fabric (all nodes running SPB) which is your infrastructure. IS-IS will also work on any physical topology whether regular/symmetric or not (e.g. ring topologies); always ensuring shortest path routing.

On top of that you can then deploy conventional (non virtualized) IP routing (IS-IS used to advertize IP routes); and/or Virtual Switched Networks (VSNs) which can be L2 (extending VLANs = L2 VSNs) or L3 (extending VRFs = L3 VSNs).

In this new model, the user VLANs are only configured at the edge, up to the distribution layer, where they might (or might not) have IP interfaces to act as gateways into the network.
But in the core of the network you do not have any user vlans, nor IP addresses; only IS-IS with SPB.
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