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Default ACR 11 - new Archive getting "Job thread stalled: cannot write tar to destination"

Hi all,

A customer of ours has an ACR 11 (Licence shows version as "CSCM-11.0-2patch110030"), running on Linux, which had recently lost its old Archive - I believe it was lost completely.

They have provided a new Archive location on a separate SAN location, and one of their IT guys has mounted it to the ACR as '/mnt/NFS'. However, the ACR's Archive component is unable to write to the new Archive location.

When I set up a new Archive Campaign to write to it as a new UNC location (path = "\\\NFS\", it shows a Path/Drive(s) status of "Path \\\NFS\: UNREACHABLE, UNUSABLE or NOT A DIRECTORY!", and it raises an alarm saying "Job thread stalled. \\\NFS: Cannot write tar file to archive destination."

It's pretty clear the permissions are not correct, but can anyone help explain exactly what permissions need to be set up on the Linux side, or how an NFS location needs to be presented to the Linux server for the ACR Archive to access it? The manual is not particularly clear on the exact permissions / setup required.

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,
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