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Same here. In EDM, I was monitoring the temperature and it was reaching 54C which is above its posted operating temperature range of 0-50C. I disabled POE and shutdown all ports that were not being used and those that were, 3 of them at the moment, I was using in 802.3af mode. I have it mounted on dry wall, with a good distance to any walls and the fan unobstructed, but it was getting hotter than I was comfortable with. The unit is mounted in a closet, without AC, but more than adequate ventilation. With the fan on, high-power mode, it drops it to 35C. I'm guessing they are meant to be run with the fan on, if not kept in a cooled network closet.

As some clarification, I work in IT, and I use the 8 port POE+ switch at home with some network security cams and some access points. My employer uses the 48 port ones in stacks so I am familiar with them, but the 48 port ones are always run fan on or in a cooled server room. I never bothered to see what the requirements for cooling was for the devices before hand. Unless the sound is distruptive, just run it in fan mode, it is not silent, but it is whisper quiet.

That said, can anyone chime in as to what settings are best to reduce energy use (ie less heat production)?
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