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Default Android not "remembering" One-X Mobile password

We are using Avaya CES with the One-X Mobile client on a variety of Androids and iPhones. Everything is functioning as it should with one glaring exception - my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (unlocked v4.2.1 obtained directly from Google - running on AT&T) will not remember the password. Once I manually reenter the password all is okay - but I have to do this every time I exit then reopen the app. This is the only 4.2 Android device in use.

I can login on other user's devices (Androids/iPhones) with my credentials and the password is retained every time - including other versions (Verizon) of the Galaxy Nexus.

The app has been removed and reinstalled multiple times. I've searched and found many examples of various Androids not retaining passwords but none offer a solution.

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