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Port 443 for 1XA to Communicate with one-X Agent Central Management
Port 5222 for XMPP to Avaya Presence Server
Port 1719 UDP/H323 RAS to CM
Port 1720 TCP/H323 Signalling for CM
Port 3268 for Microsoft AD
UDP ports mentioned in Network Region form for RTP data

Some firewalls allow to create an umbrella policy that allows access for many independent data flows using a common higher layer attribute. One example would be creating a policy to allow any H.323 data flows through the firewall.

This umbrella policy would allow H.225, H.245, H.248, RTCP and RTP streams to flow through the firewall without specifying specific port ranges for each of these protocols.

Finally, many firewall policies can be avoided by placing endpoints and the servers that serve those endpoints in the same firewall zone.

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