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Default Happened again this morning. Log snippet posted.

VMAIL - Down Server? I tried restarting the service again, and had to restart the whole box to get it back online. Any ideas?

07:26:14 1299435887mS CMExtnEvt: v=1011 State, new=Idle old=PortRecoverDelay,0,0,RAS
07:26:14 1299435888mS CMExtnTx: v=RAS, p1=0
Line: type=RAS 1 Call: lid=0 id=1011 in=0
BChan: slot=21 chan=42
Cause=16, Normal call clearing
07:26:14 1299435888mS CMCallEvt: c0a801fa0000a1d6 0.41430.0 -1 BaseEP: DELETE CMEndpoint f17babc0 TOTAL NOW=1 CALL_LIST=0
07:26:14 1299435888mS CMCallEvt: END CALL:8521 (f17d9764)
07:26:14 1299435889mS CMTARGET: ISDN BChannel 1: in-service check = 1
07:26:14 1299435889mS CMTARGET: ISDN BChannel 1: in-service check = 1
07:26:14 1299435890mS CMCallEvt: c0a801fa0000000d 9.13.1 -1 BaseEP: DELETE CMEndpoint f17ff25c TOTAL NOW=0 CALL_LIST=0
07:26:14 1299435892mS CMMap: PCG::UnmapBChan pcp[32]b1r0 cp_b f560f134 other_cp_b f55bfa54
07:26:14 1299435892mS CMMap: a=5.2 b=21.42 M02
07:26:14 1299435892mS CMMap: PCG::UnmapBChan pcp[86]b1r0 cp_b f55bfa54 other_cp_b 0
07:26:15 1299436145mS RES: Tue 3/1/2017 07:26:14 FreeMem=54916436 Heap=53977768(0) Cache=938668 MemObjs=12412(12892) CMMsg=7(9) ASN=0 Buff=5200 1344 990 7404 5 Links=56018(56363) BTree=820(1232) CPU=19.06% CPUStats=18.50%/12/22/1923/8349/10428/00.28%/0/0
2.91% MCR=0 MCW=0
07:26:15 1299436146mS RES2: IP 500 V2 build 182 Tasks=53 RTEngine=0 CMRTEngine=0 ExRTEngine=0 Timer=60 Poll=0 Ready=0 CMReady=0 CMQueue=0 VPNNQueue=0 Monitor=2 SSA=1 TCP=23(TLS=8) TAPI=0 Partner=0 ASC=1 SYS=MNTD OPT=MNTD SDSPD=2034
07:26:15 1299436146mS RES4: XML MemObjs=63 PoolMem=4748404(2) FreePoolMem=4733100(0)
07:26:15 1299436146mS RES5: CLog MemObjs=949 FreePoolMem(Objs)=2652(51) TotalMem=188500
07:26:15 1299436742mS PRN: VMAIL - Down Server c0a801fb Backlog=0
07:26:15 1299436743mS PRN: Delete VMailClient
How long can I use my "New guy" card?
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