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Default ASBCE + IPO 9.1 - forcing SRTP for all calls maked/received by remote workers


I have IPO R.9.1.7 with ASBCE 7.1 (Portwell CAD0208) and i have a problem with SRTP for calls received by remote workers (One-X Mobile Prefered for iOS/Android)

When remote worker make outgoing call to any extension or external number, then SRTP is used (in the "SIP Statistic" call is presented as "SRTP") This is ok.
But when remote worker receive call from any extension, then call is shown as standard RTP connection.

When i try the same on AVAYA Communicator for Windows, all calls (outgoing, incoming, internal, external) use SRTP.

I have configured seperate Media rules for Subscriber and Server (for Subscribers).

I will be grateful for any help or sugestion.
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