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Post display coverage path xxx

I am sorry to hear about your challenges with the user's manuals.

- On the station (the extension used for the phone), there is a field where the coverage path is specified. This field points to another form called "Coverage path" where different destinations may be administered as coverage points.
To see the coverage path for a station,. on the Avaya Aura communication manager administration interface (SAT) you may issue the command: "display station xxxx" where xxxx is the extension of your station. on the first page you will see the coverage path number. the field is called: "Coverage Path 1"

Coverage path
Note down the "Coverage Path 1" field value from the previous form and then you may issue the command on SAT: "display coverage path xxx" where xxx is the coverage path number, at the bottom of the form there is a section that is called "Coverage points". that's the point 1 where the voice mail should point to.

You may compare the settings of a station that has the "To VMail": working and one that is not working.

I hope this helps you get the resolved.
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