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Hi. I'm having an issue with a call flow. I have a topic configured and need the classic setup where if no agents are available, a "Queue announcement" will be played to the caller, letting them know that soon their call will be answered. I've gone through the manuals and I believe I have the proper configuration.

When all agents are busy, I hear the announcement being repeated in a loop, and when I activate an agent on the topic/AG, I stop hearing the announcement, but the call is not routed to the free Agent.

While supervising with a RT tool such as "Call Waiting List" I can see that the call kind-of-flashes. As if it was ready to be assigned to the Agent, but never is allocated in the extension. So it stays there, in limbo, until the caller hangs up.

[tried to attach a file, but couldn't]

the Call Flow is as follows:

TOPIC (Telephony) ---->? (logic) Name: Free Agents IN= [Telephone calls]Test
Y exit OT =[Agent group] TestAG
N exit OF= [Announcement script (1 announcement)] Test
ag(TestAG)[].free() > 0

What am I doing wrong?

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