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Default DID to Hunt back to DID Voicemail

Hi all,

Looking for a lending hand. We use an Intuity Audix system and Avay G650s with ASA version 5.2.

We'd like to create four skill groups with ~6 folks in each. Everyone has agent ID's and DID lines. The end result, which I can't get to, should look like this:
  1. Call comes in to DID/VPN line 1234.
  2. The user is logged in but doesn't answer
  3. Via a coverage path to a vector, the call routes to skill 1
  4. None of the other 5 people in skill 1 answer the call
  5. The call routes to the voicemail account for original station (DID/VPN) 1234

We don't want to use a general mailbox and we don't want the call routing to another other skills. We also want the calls to route to the originating DID number (i.e. if they call 6789, the same process occurs, but routes to the voicemail for 6789).

So far I have the hunt group created, converted a DID station to a VDN and setup the vector to route the call to the skill. I used "route-to number 1234 with cov Y if unconditionally. I feel like that route never occurs though after leaving the vector for the hunt group.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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