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Solution Delivered

Originally Posted by kjvargo View Post
Hi all,

We'd like to create four skill groups with ~6 folks in each. Everyone has agent ID's and DID lines. The end result, which I can't get to, should look like this:
  1. Call comes in to DID/VPN line 1234.
  2. The user is logged in but doesn't answer
  3. Via a coverage path to a vector, the call routes to skill 1
  4. None of the other 5 people in skill 1 answer the call
  5. The call routes to the voicemail account for original station (DID/VPN) 1234
Thank you
Yes, I coiuld come up with a way to make this happen, But I would not recommend it. Are you sure that you want the caller to wait through all that ring tone? Let's see . . . six agants times 3 rings each is 18 rings. 18 times 3.5 seconds is potentially 63 seconds of ringing before getten to voice mail. At first glance this looks like trying to fix a management issue with technology. IMHO that is never a good plan.

Why don't you just use the route on no answer (RONA) capability that has been built into Definity through CM for years. I can help but we have a bit of ground to cover first I think.
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