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Unhappy The Basic Problem with This . . .

Originally Posted by kjvargo View Post
Thanks, marzahn. Regardling the call longevity, I was hoping that:
  1. a customer calls a users DID line
  2. it rings three times at that users desk and isn't answered
  3. the call then routes to an agent in a skill three times
  4. If that agent doesnt answer, the call routes to the voice mail account on the oringal user (the DID in step 1).
Essentially the caller would hear 6 rings total.

We are trying to solve a business problem (management I guess we could say). Basically a group of folks talk to customer directly. Sometimes those customers call back to us - to a specific person. If that person is out, or on vacation, we still want to have someone take the call and by someone, I mean someone who has the same skill set and knowledge. However, if another agent isn't avaialble, we want it to go to the original agents voicemail. Not a group mailbox.

Hope this makes sense - thanks again.
I don't see a way to do this as stated. The problem here is that you cannot go to cover twice on the same call. Otherwise you could cover to a VDN and have a vector send the call back to voicemail after checking for an availabe agent.

Instead once the call goes into a split, it must be taken by an agent. If there are insufficient agents to handle the call traffic well . . . that is not really your problem is it? Failing to find an agent the call must go to the voice mail serving that split. There is no other option I can think of.

Are there any other-better ideas out there??
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