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Angry KVM OVA bugs: SMGR HW resources

SMGR is checking the HW resources and it is doing it wrong!

SMGR- (SMGR81GA007), patched SMGR81GA013, SMGR81GA018 and SMGR81SSP01

allocated_cpu=`cat /proc/cpuinfo  | grep processor  | wc -l`
This is terribly wrong approach because if the work ‘processor’ is in the actual name then it produces double CPU count:

Solution is in including tabulator and colon (additionally matching the word from the beginning of line with ^) in the grep:
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -P "^processor\t:" | wc -l
or parse /bin/lscpu (util-linux) output or just simply use /bin/nproc (GNU coreutils) which is also present in the system!

... btw. next issue is that if configuration changes one can’t run the VM and it shuts down itself without warning (lame):

... and please don't tell me to change CPU type to 'host' ... I already did that but it doesn't change the thing that script is buggy.

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