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Default Outbound Caller ID

Hopefully I have the correct forum.

We have an old phone system, and currently all calls made internally to an external number show our attendant number, <area code> xxx-2100.

Is there a way to change the setting so that calls made internally to an external number will show as the actual extension?

For example, if I were to call you from my desk extension, it would show as the xxx-2100 number, and instead I'd like for it to appear as <area code> xxx.3202

I found a dialplan parameters page in our Avaya Site admin, but nothing stood out there (and it's probably not the correct page anyway).

We're on Definity.
Our switch type is 8720
System: G3xV13 Software Version: R013x.01.1.632.1

If there is any additional info needed, please let me know.


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