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Spoke to our provider. We have a PRI, so the outgoing # display is set to our first DID number (2100).

To update/be more specific regarding my orig. request, we actually don't want to have all our internal extensions display their specific # when making outbound calls.

We are handing off our Retail support to a 3rd party vendor. We have an 800 number that all of our stores call to report issues. I've set up our vector so that when a store calls, they can press "1", and that then routes the call to our 3rd party vendor's own 800 number.

For various reasons, they want the specific number to appear on their caller ID, not just our xxx.2100 number.

From what I found out from our provider, I guess you can't enable caller ID on 800, but it may be possible to configure the VDN to enable caller ID - though I don't know if an incoming LD number who calls our 800 number, then routs to another 800 number could be set so that our 3rd party vendor's caller ID would show the originating number.

If that makes any sense
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