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First Responders are First Aiders.

Currently the system is set up for 2 partition groups COR 60 is assigned to building A (PGN 2) and all other CORs are to building B (PGN1)

The ARS table is long. I have clipped the last bit which includes 911 which is the only place the partitioned group is used.
Location: all Percent Full: 4

Dialed Total Route Call Node ANI
String Min Max Pattern Type Num Reqd
9 7 7 6 hnpa n
90 6 6 200 locl n
91 6 6 200 locl n
911 3 3 p1 alrt n
976 7 7 deny hnpa n
Now how do I get calls from building A extensions to just go to the First Responder bridged extension in building A and calls from building B extensions to go to a bridged extension in building B when they dial the same extension (6911)?

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