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One-X Communicator uses standard Win LDAP library to communicate with LDAP server and not the secure LDAP.
Below is an excerpt from Administering Avaya one-X Communicator guide:

LDAP Search Directory-related paramters:
- SP_DIRSRVR: The IP address or FQDN of the LDAP directory server name or address.
- SP_DIRSRVRPORT: the TCP port number of the LDAP directory server: The default is 389
- SP_DIRTOPDN: The topmost distinguished name in the directory.
- SP_DIRTYPE: The directory type: The value should be in capital letters, for example, ACTIVEDIRECTORY, DOMINO, or NOVELL. This parameter is Avaya one-X Communicator-specific. You must enter this parameter in the file manually.

Typically the port numbers for LDAP connection are:
- 389 for unsecure LDAP connections
- 636 for secure LDAP connections
- 3268 for Microsoft unsecure LDAP connections
- 3269 for Microsoft secure LDAP connections

In conclusion, it may work but LDAPSecure i believe it is not tested. Not sure if the latest releases or upcoming ones have this resolved.

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