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Default replay to thiel2 re: cannot get phones to forward to an outside line

I apologize for the delay. I thought that the forum would automatically e-mail me when there was a reply and didn't check the forum until now.

Thank you for the reply. I had found the bit about the '*' before on one of the Avaya support pages regarding cells. I will be sure to leave that out.

As for our extensions, we have a dedicated phone number that will go to either of the two extensions (14 or 16), where as the other company has the same deal with their extensions (e.g. a single phone number that rings on all of their assigned extensions. I believe our provider (AT&T) set that up for us. Although the single number can be answered on one extension, we can make or answer two calls simultaneous on the two separate lines.

The RCF #322 should be setup properly. Each extensions is set to 1 to allow for outgoing call forwarding (in fact, I did this for all of the lines in house just to make sure there wasn't something that we are missing). I tested it by selecting F99 and it did call the outside line from either extension.

I ran through your tests at the end and, it's strange.

I setup forwarding on each line and then called that forwarded line from the other and it forwarded to the cell as designed.

Then I did the same by calling from an outside line and was able to transfer it to the forwarded extension and that also seemed to work fine.

However, as soon as I set forward on both phones and call from an external cell or land line, both phones ring as normal, do not forward and you can answer the handset.

The problem is, because our one number rings for both lines, we need both to forward when we are out of the office. Does anything sound out of place to you?

Again, thank you so much for your help.
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