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Let's clarify our terms, because I'm getting confused.

You have 1 telephone number that rings to Extension 14 and 16, but you have 2 lines from AT&T. The 2nd line actually has its own telephone number, but you never give that out to callers, because the 2nd line is where the call "hunts" or "rolls over" from the 1st line when the 1st line is busy.

The 2 lines connect to 2 line ports on the Partner ACS control unit, and you need to know which ports they are.

So at one of your telephone sets, press Feature 00, and then press each of the buttons where your lines appear. The display will give you the line port number, when it says something like "L04 Immediate Ring" and "L04 Immediate Ring".

If the call comes in on your 1st line, the call will forward out on your 2nd line, and if the call comes in on your 2nd line, it will forward out on your 1st line.

When forwarding is turned on, you will never get more than one call at a time, because both lines will be in use, and any simultaneous callers will get a busy signal until you hang up.

Pick ONE of your extensions, make sure that both lines ring on that extension, and that when you lift the handset, it connects to your 1st line, and if that is already in use it connects to your 2nd line, and if both are in use it connect to the Intercom.

Assume the line ports are L04 and L05, and you want to use Ext. 14 to control the forwarding, you would program #322-04-14 and #322-04-14. Program #322-14-1 as well. Put the cell number in Feature 99 on Ext. 14, and program a button as Feature 11-14-99.

Now Ext. 14 "owns" both line ports, and when you turn on the forwarding, and call your main number from an outside telephone number (such as your cell phone), you will see your 1st line light up green, hear a beep on Ext. 14, see your 2nd line turn green, the forwarded cell phone ring, and the line buttons will change to blinking green indicating the lines are in use being forwarded.
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