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Default 1xPortal has Salesforce Browser adaptor & Outlook plug-in

This started at R8 but not really working until R9

Salesforce really didn't work with modern browser versions until R9 and adaptor4. Adaptor4 works for salesforce BUT is another thick CTI client that works via a browser and has issues with SSL security -so each Browser musty 'allow mixed content on page via its own method.....this is to say it is not elegant, it is a pain to install, and with each new browser release you never know if it will keep working (Chrome broke a few months back so FireFox currently works best)

Salesforce has stated Adaptor 4 support will be discontinued in 2015, so I hope Avaya gets going on the OpenCTI solution (which is much more elegant/supportable so should have been out w R9...oh well)

Have not implemented the Outlook dialer yet but I understand R9 significantly enhanced it so I will give it a try.
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