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Default Troubleshooting vector with messaging step

I'm not sure where to begin to troubleshoot, any suggestions will be appreciated.

I have a station set up for voicemail. When I dial that station 88888, it goes to the
voicemail system. I try a simple vector with the step:

messaging skill 99 for extension 88888

and dial the vdn that point the the vector, I get the do-do tone for no extension.

the skill 99 is set up as
Grp Grp
No. Name/ Grp ACD/ No. Cov Notif/ Dom Message
Ext Type MEAS Vec MCH Que Mem Path Ctg Adj Ctrl Center

99 Audix Server
22949 ucd-mia n/- n none n 0 n Q

I tried a trace on station 88888 when the vector isn't working:
list trace station 88888 Page 1


time data

15:04:39 call-forwarding #
15:04:39 denial event 1372: Abbrv Dial list/entry inv D1=0x8ad4 D2=0x2a75
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