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Default Experience portal CLID on transfer off net

I am trying to use Experience Portal test application to transfer a caller to an off net number through SIP trunk, but I want to be able to mange the CLID going out

Here is the call flow :
Call from SIPT to SBC, to SM, to CM, to SM, to AEP, to SM, to CM, to SM, to SBC, to SIPT

- on AEP I use the testing application to send call externally to a 10 digits number with a blind or consultative transfer.

My issue is that the CLID that I received when I get the forwarded call, is the CLID of the initial caller, while I would like to be able to specify the CLID of my Company.
I tried to do it on my SBC on Sigma Script, but at this stage there is no trace of the AEP in the INVITE message.
AEP is doing a REFER to CM, but CM creates a new invite and all the information from AEP disapear.

I have multiple application on AEP, and when they call forward offnet I need to be able to control the clid depending on the application that was used so my customers knows who call them and can call back if necessary.

Any idea how I can do that ?

CM is 8.0, SM and SMGR are 8.1, SBC is 7.2.1, AEP is 7.1
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