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Default 5610SWIP phone unable to login suddenly

I am 99.9% sure it has nothing to do with virtualization of your voicemail pro and manager because logging in is not dependant on those, worst case is that it is trying to TFTP the 46xxsettings.txt and 46xxupgrade.scr files from the virtual server and it times out, but I dont think that will prevent you from logging in.

It's default extension is 371, and that works fine, however, when I try to log into it as ext 128, which is what I normally use, it just beeps as if it's logging in, then returns to x371.

So the phone works but does not let you log in with another extension. Are you using Hot Desking? Are you using the default hot desking short code *35*128*your login code configure in the telephony/supervisor settings# or are you trying to log off/on the phone using the options button?

If you are using hot desking does it work if you are in the office? Are you setup with a login code and are you using the correct login code for that extension?

Pete G.
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