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Default Hunt group ring-down questions

I succeeded in getting a ring down working using hunt groups --

Currently set up as following --

Hunt group is 300 - named Dock-A

Collective Ring is set.

User List

Extn217 (This is the dock phone)
Extn107 (This is a security phone)
Extn108 (A second security phone)

Extn217 is set up so that when the receiver is lifted it rings Extn107 and 108
by adding a 'Direct Dial' short code ?D 300 with line ID 500 set.

Extn107 is set up with in Button Programming
Button 8 -
Label: Dock-A -- Action Group
Action: Group
Action Data: "?D300"

This allows Extn107 to dial the dock phone using Button 8 and when the dock receiver is picked up it rings and Extn107 and Ext108 ring appropriately.

That being said I have a problem I'm trying to figure out --

How do I make it so that the Button 8 blinks when Dock-A is calling Extn107? Currently this phone will ring -- but there is no identifier such as the button LED blinking or the display saying 'DOCK-A' -- we are going to add additional dock phones that will ring these phones so we want to be able to see which dock is paging the security phone.

Many thanks for any additional help!

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