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Default IPO R11 + DECT Siptrunk problem UPDATE - different scenario's

Hi All,

A bit a last resort question here as Avaya does not want to help without a DECT support contract and the provider is pointing at the pbx as the issue.

We have a customer with multiple sites, same setup everywhere.
IP Office R11 + DECT installation + siptrunk of Proximus (Belgium)

Only on 1 site we have a problem with DECT phones calling to mobile phones.
50% of the calls are OK
25% of callsetups are timedout after 30 seconds.
25% of calls are OK but only after 30 seconds.
IP phones,digital phones do not have the problem.

We placed a test pbx +dect installation at site A where the problem occurs. Result = Also our test pbx has this problem
We placed the same test pbx+dect installation at site B. Result= the problem does not occur there.
-> this rules out that the pbx/dect is the problem because same pbx works on site B but no on site A.
-> looking at this test it would suggest that this is a provider problem at site A.
But how do we explain why this issue is not happening when using an ip or digital phone on this location.
-> this suggests that the dect installation is the problem.

Avaya wants a dect support contract to investigate, Provider says problem is the pbx.

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