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Default Media Gateway recover rules

What is the recovery of an MG based on? Here's the scenario:
Remote WAN site with a S8500 ESS, and G650 stack of cabinets.
The same site also has a G430 w/ S8300 LSP

The G430 is registered to a local CLAN, with a second choice of a CLAN in the core, and finally after the transition point the LSP.

In the event of a WAN failure, assume that the G430 ends up on the LSP before the ESS has recovered the G650 port network (so the local CLAN is still down).

If the recovery rule is set - the WAN is still down - but the local CLAN (first point of registration for the G430) comes back up will the G430 recover back to the CLAN board? Or does the recovery rule depend on connectivity to the main S8800 controller pair across the WAN?

Long story short - does the recovery rule look for the MGC list or the main server pair to determine it's OK to recover?
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