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Originally Posted by marzahn View Post
How do you test for . . .
Time of day hours,
Agent staffing, availability, or lack thereof
Building emergencies
Bad weather outages
Early shut-down or team meetings
For example you may need to use several of the test steps above to "go-to" a single route-to step. <--- I think I know what you mean by this statement.
I have been working on writing my test VDN and vectors for the better part of the day; I decided to put them down on paper first since I have been having issues with my client software losing communication with my server since the upgrade. I think that this will allow me to look at it differently and help me begin to document these vectors.

I will try to get some testing done today before I leave for the rest of the week; I am the only one here that works on the phone system (in the process of training a backup person) so I can't leave it to someone else to test for me.. If I am able to test I will post results today, if not I will be back on it first thing Monday morning.
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