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Default CM6.0 backup (S8300D/G450)

Hi asiddi: what exactly do you mean by "it's now allowing me to backup"? Are you getting a different error message now? If you're getting the same error message, that's because you are using FTP. You may still use the backup option, but instead of the FPT option in the drop down list, you may use SCP. this will use a different protocol. I've tested this in our lab and it should work. Please test it using SCP (instead of the FTP) on the same backup page. Please note that in the folder, you will need to specificy the full directory name: which would be: /var/home/ftp/pub/ inclusing all the slahses.

Hi Selvan, if you also have the same error using FTP, try using SCP. if that works, then you would need to open a ticket with Avaya support team and request assistance. the details are in one of my previous posts.

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