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Solution Delivered Communication Manager - create translation files (xln1, xln2)

Originally Posted by hharta View Post
yes correct i use craft/craft01 to login SAT, so i do configure server and install .lic and .pwd get from RFA, i also made 1 super login : admin/admin1234 on administration account under SMI, after that I log in to SAT, but there's something weird no command such as "add, change " but command such "display,list etc" is there
Hi hharta,

That will be the translation (configuration) file which is missing at the first setup.
Translation files are xln1 and xln2 which later stores all the configuration done in CM.

To enable add, change commands in sat, first you must create the translation (configuration) files.

To do that, simply use the command "save translation". System will automatically create the translation files (xln1,xln2).

Once this is done, you should be able to use add, change commands as well.

Hope that helps!

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