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System parameters/ports - is SMTP 25 allowed, no TLS, unencrypted on the MSS?

Basically you're setting up an old-fashioned email account to the messaging server with SMTP/IMAP. You never should use SMTP on the messaging, but Outlook would perceive AAM to be an "email" server and want to test sending and receiving. You can ignore that SMTP thing provided you get the IMAP thing working.

Wireshark the protocol interaction between your PC and the MSS when setting up that account, should give you an indication as to where its failing.

Cool Story Bro:
I saw a guy misconfigure the hostname/FQDN of an MSS this one time, and the internal addresses for mail stopped being and became

This syntax matched their corporate Exchange email addresses. Users with IMAP to the MSS would reply/forward to messages from their IMAP box. Outlook would use the account of the Inbox they were currently in to send those messages. Because the contacts in Outlook had the corp emails but those matched the messaging emails, people were complaining MM would say "You have 2 unread emails" on the phone with no way of listening to them.
Some users used IMAP mailboxes in Outlook, others didn't. Those that didn't had no clue what was going on and we had to remove them from an IMAP account we defined in Outlook.
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