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Default Still in working process

Long time not coming here because of my locked ID and appreciate Mike's response but... problem is still there...

The main problem is we could not get registration between IP Office and XT5000 unit..

My company has two Internet connections: ISDN for our LAN and ADSL for voice connection. We are successfully implementing registration process with XT5000 under the ADSL plan. However, we are required to implement this registration into the ISDN LAN but we are still on the road...

Our LAN network structure is Avaya Switch 3500 based LAN which includes data vlan (vlan 1) and voice vlan (vlan 100). Our IP office unit has two network interfaces through one of them going into voice vlan (i.e. IP However, Our xt5000 unit is located in data vlan (i.e. and router is used as gateway ( I doubted the reason of not getting registration is because they are belong to the different vlans. But I have no idea of how to solve this problem.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated!
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