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Default IP Office 6.2 Main Huntgroup Supervised Transfers Rings Forever, Never Hits Voicemail

So, I'm running into a bit of a headscratcher that I can't seem to solve with the manual or googling around.


An external caller dials our main line, hits '0' and hits our primary hunt group. An office member of said hunt group answers the call, and upon speaking with the caller, realizes they need to initiate a transfer to someone outside of said hunt group, which they initiate.

And the phone never, ever, ever stops ringing. It doesn't hit voicemail, it doesn't time out, it will just ring until the caller gets irritated and hangs up.

This does not occur when I've tested directly calling my own extension (not in a huntgroup), and the transfer goes to voicemail as expected. Add myself to the main huntgroup, dial 0, and transfer the call a second time, and it rings endlessly.

Anyone have any insight on this? This is my first time moderating an Avaya system, and I was not involved with the setup. I have no idea where to look!


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