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Question Avaya Soft Console 1.5.3 + iClarity problem with headsets

Hi all,

I've just installed Avaya Soft Console 1.5.3 (with iClarity v4.1.3.50) on a laptop PC with Windows 7 SP1. It could login to Avaya CM and can be used with Smalltalk headset, but it has issues with Pantronics C310-M headsets.
- iClarity would crash on Audio tuning wizard, whenever I try to set playback device to the headsets.
- iClarity.txt log file showed this error message: "Querying wave out volume state returned 0x400"
- I could set the software to use Pantronic headset's microphone, but playing back to laptop speaker.

On another laptop with Windows 10, the issues become reversed, and the software seemed unable to get any sound input from headset microphone. But it can play back to headset normally.

Does anyone here have experienced these same issues? I've searched but still found no working solution. (Upgrading to 1.5.4 does not make a difference)
Thanks for your information.

Best regards,
Chakrit W.
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