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Default CS1000 sip line gateway (group call)

We are deploying spectralink 8440 sip3 phones on our cs1000MG 7.65 SP6

GROUP CALL feature is working properly on Unistem and TDM phones but not on our SIP phones.

When "group call" is initiated
- all phones (unistem, tdm, sip) ring
- can answer joining group
- when originator drops call, disconnect occurs on user sets (unistem, tdm) NOT SIP.

SIP phones (Avaya 1140e and Spectralink 8440) remain busy for about 3min.
Either wait for disconnect or hit end on set returns set to idle.

Note: The 6140's in use work perfectly, however we are trying to migrate them to 8440 in a hospital environment for the ICU department.

I couldn't find any solutions on ESPL, Spectralink or Avaya Support. SP7, SP8, SP9 doesn't address this issue. In the Avaya SIP features, group call was listed as supported in Avaya labs.

Any help would be appreciated,
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