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Default AACC 6.2 TFE wont start and CDN's show not aquired in CCMA

We are cutting over from a CC6 to an AACC 6.2. We have completed the migration of the CCMS database and the CCMA. We had to modify the scripts as we are going from a NCC to just straight AACC. Once this was completed we tried to activate the master script and get an error and the master script will not activate. The error is "NIOAM_clTFInitDSF " procedure of the OAM (Local) component. The Application Event 48470 for TFE was reported as "Request to OAM failed: NIOAM_dwTFInit..."
I have found a solution and it says we need to install a designer patch AvayaAura_CCMS_6.2.205.339 under Avaya Work Item wi01010868.
Also the CDN's seem to aquire in the PABX but show as not aquired in CCMA.

Just wondering if anyone has had this issue and if the patch worked...?
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