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Ever read a doc about SIP trunks on Avaya?
You can have upto 4 IP Adresses for a single provider

ITSP Proxy Address

Default = Blank This is the SIP Proxy address used for outgoing SIP calls. The address can be specified in the following ways:
  • If left blank, the ITSP Domain Name is used and is resolved by DNS resolution in the same way as if a DNS address had been specified as below.
  • An IP address.
  • A list of up to 4 IP addresses, with each address separated by a comma or space.
    • The addresses can include an indication of the relative call weighting of each address compared to the others. This is done by adding a w N suffix to the address where N is the weighting value. For example, in the list, the weighting values assigns 1.5 times the weight of calls to the first address. The default weight if not specified is 1. A weight of 0 can be used to disable an address. Weight is only applied to outgoing calls.
      If there is more than one proxy defined, and no weight indication, then calls are only sent to the first in the list until there is a failure at which point the next proxy is used.
    • If the Calls Route via Registrar setting below is enabled, the weighting is applied to registrations rather than calls.
  • A DNS address, for example
    • The DNS response may return multiple proxy addresses (RFC 3263). If that is the case, the system will resolve the address to use based on priority, TTL and weighting information included with each address.
    • A load balancing suffix can be added to specify that multiple proxy results should be returned if possible, for example where N is the required number of addresses from 1 to 4.
This field is mergeable. However, no more than 4 IP Addresses should be in use at any time. So, if the combined new and old address settings exceed 4, the new addresses are only phased into use as transactions in progress on the previous addresses are completed.
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