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You're correct, there are only 10 priority levels you can use in AACC to control the order in which your outbound calls are handled. Setting the agent priorities 1-48 will not impact the order the outbound calls are handled. The agent priorities in the skillset are only relevant in an agent-surplus situation when the system is deciding which agent to deliver the next call to.

You can consider using the Service Level Routing feature, which prioritizes calls based on how much the call's expected wait time exceeds the configured target service threshold. This would allow you to configure different target service thresholds for each of 30 skillsets, but it can be unpredictable since it relies upon the system's calculation of expected wait time. This can be configured on the Skillsets page in CCMA under Configuration.

Another thing you could do would be to set operating hours for you different campaigns so that come campaigns are worked more often than others.
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