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Question Something more need be confirmed, Thanks very much.

I still have some questions that need be clarified with you.

1. While using Bridged Call Appearance feature, CDR can just record Primary Phone's information. Even Bridged Appearance Phone receive inbound call and make outbound call, CDR also record data as Primary Phone Number?
As the Bridged Call Appearance is the key assigned on the extn for the primary phone, it has all the same features to be used on primary phone
so whenever you dial the number using that Bridged appearance key it will log the calls to primay extn on CDR.

// As I understand for your explanation, both inbound call and outbound call, which are placed on Primary Phone or Bridged Appearance Phone, will always be registered as Primary Phone number in CDR.
// And there is no related parameter for changing it, am I right?
// If It is, is there any official document for this character? and where may I get it?

2. Whether Bridged Appearance can transfer the call to other phone?
Yes you can transfer the call to other phone if you have enough call appearance assigned ( required min. of two keys for the primary extn as bridged appearance keys) on the extn.

// I found one description in CM4 documentation:
// So, the transfer feature can be used on Primary Phone and Bridged Appearance Phone.
// But it was failed without any failed code while we made test.

11:03:10 ring station 402 cid 0x135
11:03:14 active station 116 cid 0x135
11:03:16 transfer station 194 cid 0x135
11:05:53 idle trunk-group 1 member 13 cid 0x135
11:06:03 idle station 116 cid 0x137

// Both Primary Phone and Bridged Appearance Phone are with at least two "call-appr" buttons.
// Check the station parameter based on the Insite Document ID: KB01045096

Display station xxxx

Page 2 of 5
Restrict Last Appearance? y ---- Whether this should be n

Page 3 of 5
Conf/Trans on Primary Appearance? n ---- Whether this should be y

3. On CM, Coverage-Path to other Vendor's Voice Mail System, but it doesn't work, I think the Voice Mail may not recognize AVAYA's busy/no-answer signal?
For this you need to read the third party vendor document and check what link you are creating between Avaya CM and 3rd party VM.

As I heard there is one parameter in CM system used to control the sending code to Voice Mail System, such as code for busy signal or no-reply signal.
So that, Voice Mail system can choose the matched code to record voice.
What's your opinion on it?

Thanks again for your great help.
Hope you can provide the suggestions on it with your convenience.

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