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Originally Posted by mmmackin View Post
Hi Heather:
Your suggestion to sort global search results with the most recent publications at the top is very reasonable, and is something we are looking to address.
Originally Posted by mmmackin View Post
Or if you click Downloads and Documents in the top menu and enter 'Modular Messaging', the search results will display a filterable list of documents, ordered by most recent publication date.
Hi Maggie, thanks for the reply. The search results I am referring to are the ones under downloads and documents with the product and release chosen, and product support notices selected. They are not ordered by publication date. Using Modular Messaging 5.2 as an example, the PSN at the top was published on March 11, 2012. If you scroll to the bottom of the 102 PSNs, you'll find that the last 5 are out of order from the rest of the list and you'll see one that was published on May 1, 2012 (PSN003686u).

Also, thanks for the explanation of the product page. That could be helpful for our customers as well. Although, I have the same issue there, as the list of "Notices and Release Notes" doesn't have the most recently posted PSN at the top either.
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