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Default IP Office - Short Code help


I have an ISDN 10. Basically, I have phone numbers for example from 61234150 to 61234159. I have 2-digit internal extension setup from 50 to 59.

I wanted to have a correct short code configured that users need to press 9 first before they can make an external call.

So I have setup

Code: 9N
Feature: Dial
Telephone: .

The problem with this is, yes they can call external after pressing 9, but the the phone number that the called/recipient party see is the first 61234150. I wanted that when the user with the extension of say 55, when he/she call external, it will appear as 61234155

Yes, I can do via each user shortcode

Code: 9N
Feature: Dial
Telephone: s61234155

But is there a general way to do it, and not I will do this on every user shortcode?

Thanks in advance.
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