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What model phones are you using, and what release is your IP Office?

Let's say you are using a 1416 telephone. After the standard Call Appearances, and perhaps Park buttons, you should have at least 9 buttons left over. Put a User button for each other user in the system on each phone (you of course don't need a button for yourself on your own phone).

The light next to the button will indicate the status of the extension. Off if the extension is idle. Solid red if the extension is in DND. Slow flashing if it is in use. Rapid flashing if it is ringing. Pressing the User button while it is ringing will pickup the call. Pressing the User button while it is off or in use will simply place a call to the extension. You can also use the User button in conjunction with Transfer and Voicemail Transfer.

Originally Posted by kgiam View Post
Hi Guys,

Have you came across this requirement?

Suppose I have 10 staffs in the office, I want any alert or notification on my phone display if there is any call to all other extensions.

Let us say my extension is 500, if someone call to extension 505, I should be able to see on my own phone that extension 505 has an incoming call and I can press a button on my phone to actually answer this call.

I know there is a feature called bridged appearance or perhaps coverage appearance, but I can only do a bridge appearance to only one other extension only (as I can see it). The requirement is the other nine phone extensions I should be able to see also, and answer if necessary.

Hoping for your kind help.

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