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There are a lot of approaches you can use.

You can create a User that is not associated with any telephone. Make it a hot desk user, and create a simple shortcode for Extension Log In.
(an example would be that the extension is 123, and its login code is 1234. Make short code *#XXX / Ext Login / N*1234. When you dial *#123, your telephone becomes Ext. 123)
Equip Ext. 123 with just a Call Appearance, a Call Forward All button, and a Log Out button.
The person on cal this week dials *#123, and their phone becomes the forwarding extension. They press the Call Forward button to turn off the current forwarding, press it again and type in their own cell number, and then save. Then press the Log Out button to return to their own extension. In your afterhours automated attendant, emergency calls are transferred to Ext. 123 and end up forwarding to the person on call.

Another way is within the Voicemail Pro itself. Use a User Variable, create a module to announce the current value of the variable, and set it to a different value. Then, when a call is transferred to the on call person, check the value of the variable, and transfer to the appropriate person. That means you dial a short code, voicemail answers, says the on call person is number 1, and asks you to enter the new value. You dial 2, it confirms that on call person is now number 2, etc.
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