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Default Contact center integrations


Is it possible to integrate Avaya Contact Center with the below components using APIs
1) The following third party applications i.e. Salesforce, Brand Embassy…
2) A Speech analytics solution
3)USSD for Customer survey
4) Any customized solution (Customer internal solutions):
--> Charging system
-->speechLog recording solution

Does the contact center support the below:

a) does the system handle huge number of simultaneous interactions as well as simultaneous API requests/responses in near real-time – the number of simultaneous interactions could reach 1000 interactions at the same time (between IVR, Instant Messaging, Agent Interface, Outbound…)

b) does the system offer APIs allowing third party applications to integrate with it.

c) Provided APIs should be used to manage Low latency transaction – can you specify the time needed to return Values

d) does the system support logging for each API Request.

e) is the system able to communicate with Secure APIs using SSL encryption ?

It is very urgent. We should get back to the customer this week maximum.

Thanks and Regards,
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